Libram of Necromancy

Did you ever wish you could download all the necro help files and peruse them offline? Have you ever wanted to find out the older guild members' most exciting (or most embarrassing) stories? Well, now you can! The Libram of Necromancy for Windows allows you to download a vast volumne of necromantic knowledge to you own computer. The libram contains a handy listing of the necro info files, including information on the forms and their powers, spells, combat tips, and stories and fables contributed by guild members.

Click below to download the latest version of the "Libram of Necromancy for Windows." The file is in .zip format accessible by any of the standard .zip archive packages available on the market. Once you have the LIBRAM.ZIP file, create a dummy directory and unzip all the files into it. Once you have unzipped the files, read the file readme.txt for further instructions.

It appears that the Libram has been lost in the flowing river of time.

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