You stand on the brink of existence.

Rolling waves of black and white, formed from the very thoughts of the gods, wash over you. Where they crash together, bright crimson flashes of light flicker through the ether. These are the positive and negative planes of existence, and as a pure necromancer, you will make a choice to embrace one or the other...or neither. Once a lost art, our craft has been reborn with the Ancient One. Powerful beginnings, indeed.

Pure Necromancy is a blending of many types of powers... deadly damage combined with powerful healing. These magics allow a Pure Necromancer to hit hard and fast, and heal quickly. "Sleep," a strong power of persuasion, forces an enemy to stop attacking, while "shackle" holds them fast. "Psibleed" drains magical energy from an enemy, aiding an attacking necromancer. "Corrode" is a powerfully destructive spell that calls forth the darkness of the grave upon your target. These are just a few of the phenomenal powers at hand.

Deception is an effective defense strategy and necromancers have a few deceiving powers, such as "enshroud" which allows them to call forth the shifting shadows of the netherworld to mask their appearence. "Illusion" and "shadow" can also make things appear (or disappear) as things they are not. Things are not always as they seem.

Memoirs of the Pure Necro

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