Vanishing shadows that glide through the night,
Awakened to darkness by a cruel, gentle bite.
Mysterious beings beyond your control,
Pray for your life and surrender your soul.
In the depths of our ageless eyes we'll reveal,
Raw truths and secrets you fought to conceal.
Ease the beast in your heart you struggle to free,
Seduced into twilight, vampires are we.

Welcome to the Shrine of the Vampire Lord. Being one of the most physical of the necromantic forms, the Vampire is impressive in both its physical endurance and speed. Vampires have a deadly array of powers at their command and are capable of inflicting substantial damage to their enemies while healing themselves. "Bite" allows the Vampire to regenerate both their physical and magical energies, by draining the lifeblood from their foes. The Vampires' dangerous "Grasp" weakens their enemies, while "Convoke" summons the creatures of darkness to the Vampires' aid.

As they grow in power, Vampires attain the ability to Rage, enabling them to regenerate hit points at a faster rate and allowing them to execute multiple attacks per round of combat. Due to the intensity of their rage, Vampires can only rage a limited number of times during one guild repowering. Vampires are a difficult opponent to avoid or escape, due to their ability to "Shapeshift" into various animal forms and their power of holding their victims in a skeletal "Snare."

Vampires also have certain restrictions. While they have the ability to wield weapons without guild-imposed restrictions, their spells are not as powerful as those of the more magical forms, forcing them to rely on their stellar physical capabilities in combat.

Tales of the Vampire Lord

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