Welcome to the shrine of the Arch-Lich. The most magical of all of the necromantic forms, Liches have an innate ability to cast deadly spells and cause immense damage to their opponents.

The intense power of the Liches' "Dream" grants them the ability to heal themselves outside of combat. As their magical powers mature and grow, Liches also attain the ability to "Spark," allowing them to regenerate spell points at a rapid rate. Due to the intense nature of this power, it can only be invoked a limited number of times per guild repower.

With the great magical powers of the Lich come physical restrictions. The Liches have very little physical strength and are unable to utilize the more powerful weapons. However, Liches are able to "Disenchant" a weapon, and thus make it useful to them. Although Liches are not physically strong, their extensive command of the magical sphere makes them deadly forces in combat.

Legends of the Arch-Lich

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