Welcome to the shrine of the Death Reaper. Carefully balanced between the physical and magical realms, Reapers have a vast arsenal of both combat and non-combat powers at their disposal.

Reapers possess the power to "Drain" energy from their opponents, while replenishing their own physical strength. Like Liches, Reapers also have the ability to heal themselves outside of combat in a dream-like state. At circle 30, Reapers gain the ability to Blaze, dramatically increasing their attacking power while replenishing their necromantic energy. This power can only be invoked a limited number of times per guild repower.

Reapers have a special claim over the workings of Death. With the power of "Deathwatch," Reapers are able to watch over others at the time of their demise, often snatching them from the claws of Death. Reapers also have the ability to call their "Scythe" into battle with them too, inflicting massive amounts of damage on their opponents.

Since the Reaper maintains a balance of physical and magical powers, weapon restrictions disappear quickly as one increases in rank, making the Reaper a formidable enemy in battle.

Sagas of the Death Reaper

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