Necromancer Powers

The powers of the Necromancer are varied and vast. Holding the secrets of an ancient lineage of dark sorcerers, the Necromancer has the ability to create light where there was darkness, to animate the bodies of the dead, and to move with unearthly speed.

While all Necromancers have a common pool of powers to draw from, each of the five forms holds the key to a select set of knowledge. From the deadly bite of the vampire to the chilling grasp of the lich, the combat powers of the Necromancer are as awesome as they are deadly.

Often overlooked but none the less important are the array of minor powers that the Necromancer possesses. These powers are often executed at no cost to the caster and tend to make life much easier, performing duties and providing information. Far from unprepared, the Necromancer's list of powers is quite well suited to make sure the Necromancer has the ability to both perform in battle and to live and fight another day.

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