What have I become?
Spectral arms reach out to me
Bearing me away

Tortured, haunting dreams
The calling of a dead mind
I wake in cold sweat

Scratching at my door
I hear deep breathing outside
Slowly, the lock turns

Walking through the woods
I hear Them call far away
And begin to run

I no longer live
Long ago I shut my eyes
to our dying world

As I write these words
My best friend lies cold and dead
Stay out of the house!

High and lonely house
It's owner beholds the sea
And shivers strangely

Terrifying dreams
Visions of some evil shape
I do not wake up

Constellations swirl
Soon we'll be but stories
To children not our own

Seductress of all
The darkness now beckons me
Calling me back home

Climb through the window
Follow me to sleeping flesh
Hold your razor tight

I gaze at the tome
Learning all there is to know
My mind fades away

Death embraces me
Tenderly it strokes my hair
Eating me alive

Man no longer rules
Forced to fight for scraps of food
Earth's new owners laugh

Now I must depart
May you live long and calmly
Darkness comes for me

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