One night while at the tavern, I overheard a party of adventurers talking about a very old mage who kept himself alive by arcane magical forces and had a treasury of unimaginable wealth. Little did I know the danger I was to get into when I joined them to raid the mage's castle.

When we arrived at the castle gates, amazingly enough they were not even locked. As we got deeper and deeper into the courtyard, we noticed blood and even decaying body parts thrown about the place. I wondered to myself exactly what kind of mage this was. Suddenly, I heard of one my friends shout loudly. I whirled around and my eyes met with the darkest being I had ever seen in my life.

It was a mage, but it wasn't just a mere mage, this was a Lich! I had heard of their powers and deeds many times in legends, but before I could warn my friends to run, they charged forward to attack the Lich. Before they got within 10 feet of It, the Lich simply blinked and a split second later It was beside my friends.

Quickly, with a demonic grin that showed Its yellowing teeth, It grabbed one of my friend's shoulders, and tore through armour, skin, and even bone, as It crushed his life. He screamed in agony and fell to the ground, obviously dead. The Lich blinked and disappeared again, this time appearing about thirty feet away at the front of the castle. My remaining friends made another charge at the Creature. The Lich grinned again and began to crackle with dark waves of magical energy up and down his body. I watched in horror as the Lich waved his hand in the air, and a flurry of large burning spears of ice went flying at my friends. They did not have enough time to react to get out of the way, for the ice tore right through them like cannon fire and yet more blood and gore was scattered about the courtyard. The Lich moved Its cold stare to me and cackled manically as I scaled the wall and ran for my life.

That day I learned that the legends were indeed true about the power of the ancient Lich Lords.

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