We were going through a campaign on a zaratan, with Jessica (1/2 nymph druid), Blaize (Steel dragon mage), Aodfin (elf thief), Argon (Half Elf Cleric), Bob (half elf thief), Maylen (Merlin’s past form……I don’t know what Merlin is… to do some research) and Rymicku (Anti Paladin). I was the dungeon master, but Jessica was more my character than anyone else’s. Everything was going alright until Blaize discovered the bodies of his sister and daughter dead on the ground. He lost it. He was lawful neutral, but the sight of his newborn daughter blew him away. His rage awoke, and slaughtered everything in a 10 mile radius (including some of the player characters…….Rymicku got his butt whipped) so I enforced an alignment change. When Blaize came back, everyone went to sleep. When we woke up, Blaize was gone. Just gone. We continued, figuring that it was just like Gandalf or Aslan…… minute he will be here, the next he wont. We continued to the end of the dungeon to be confronted by a steel door. In front of it was a large emerald. This was Blaizes Phylactery. Bob, not being very smart, snatched it up, and still has it, 3 years later. Behind the door was an undead wizard. Blaize. I guess there was some good still left in him, for he didn’t want to kill us, especially not Jessica, because they were married, and Becca was their daughter that had been murdered. Im not going to give you the play-by-play, you know, “Blaize shot a curse at Jessica and missed. Jessica hits Blaize's foot” Because that is what gives D&D a bad name. PPL keeping minutes of their games. Icky. Anyway, it turned out that Becca and Kara (the sister) were only feigning death to keep safe from the jabberwocky. By the time they came bursting through the door, Blaize had already successfully turned Aodfin into a woman (for the 8th time) and decapitated Maylen (we managed to raise him though) When Blaize saw his daughter, he stopped as though frozen in time. Jessica took this opportunity to push her Staff of Woodlands though his heart, a very painful way to die. We knew naught of Bob snatching the emerald, and did not know that a lich should have a phylactery. Blaize slipped back into the world of the living, having both the powers of a lich and dracolich, him being a dragon having the polymorph power. He now lives inside a cave, Close to the Whimpering Vampire, a bar owned by Zot, a local Vampire Hunter.

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