Welcome to the shrine of the Ancient Dead. The Mummies of the Necromancers' guild are given great powers and are revered for their physical strength. Great magical powers dating back to the Pharohs of legend make up the Mummy's deadly arsenal. Among these coveted powers, is the power to "Rot", which is capable of bringing much damage to an opponent over several rounds of battle.

Keeping with the great heritage of the Pharohs, Mummies have the ability to leave messages to their breathren in the form of magical "Hieroglyphs." Mummies also attain the coveted ability to "Flare" at circle 30. Flare rejuvenates the Mummy with an extremely high rate of hit point and necro point regeneration. However, the concentration and strength required to flare is so great, the Mummy can only do this a limited number of times throughout each guild repowering.

Although the Mummies have these great capabilities, they also have certain restrictions put upon them. At lower circles, weapons are hard to wield and some are restricted, but as one advances in circles, the mummy possesses the strength to wield even the most powerful weapons.

Along with these assets, Mummies also have the power to call the powerful forces of the desert on multiple enemies, through "Sandstorm." Though the effect on each individual enemy is diminished, the overall effect is most powerful indeed. Add this to the powers, "Drain", "Rope trick", and "Decay", and the Mummy is a powerful force to be reckoned with.

Fables of the Greater Mummy

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