As I sat on my throne, I could hear the sounds growing closer, horrible and terrifying. Suddenly, the chamber doors blew open, as if a gust of wind had forced them apart. I studied the portal intently, but could see nothing, save a wavering in the air. Two of my elite guards rushed forth to protect their king. As they advanced toward the unseen foe, a great force took hold of them one after the other, slamming their broken bodies into the walls. Their corpses

were absolutely crushed of life. As my third warrior positioned himself between the Creature and myself, the shifting form coalesced from the ether into a dark figure, skeletal in appearance.

With a word of power, flames of hellfire began to dance upon the Creature's frame. Pointing at my final guardian, a fine and deadly mist emanated from the earth. With a muffled scream, the guard fell dead in a collapsed heap, while the Creature seemed stronger. As the Creature advanced, I stood proudly and held my battleaxe aloft, ready to strike.

Gathering my full anger, I began a downward stroke towards my enemy, when suddenly I was overcome with a sense of peace. I could no more strike the Creature than I could harm my most trusted companion. With a wave of a skeletal talon, a shining blade rushed through the doorway. The last vision I had in life was that of a shadowy smile crossing the face of the Creature - only

moments before the silver blade sliced gently through my throat.

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