Beastly Encounter

...Binge Cringe on the Fringe...

The music droned on from a radio down a dark alley. It's owner, a ragged looking man, was hunched over it protectively. He appeared to be listening intensely to it.

"Probably stole it earlier today," I thought as I passed.

As I moved past him, he looked up at me. I was startled, as most mortals do not sense my presence in the shadows of the night, unless I reveal myself to them. I stopped, and returned his stare, only to step back quickly, barely dodging the first swipe of a suddenly powerful looking arm. Quickly retreating, I used all my powers of perception to determine who or what this man was.

He was standing now, though not to full height. His back legs seemed hinged strangely, and he growled in a low menacing voice. His shoulders had grown immense, and his arms ended in powerful looking claws.

I recognized a few of the words in the song...

...Showstopper Skinpopper... ...Babbler Dabbler...

I understood then what I faced. Not an immortal lord of darkness, like myself. No, but impressive nonetheless. A werewolf, in full transformation under the light of the moon. Few entered the cities, they usually stayed in the forests, baying and howling like the animals they were.

As I slowly approached again, the animal suddenly lunged for me with lightning speed. Unable to fully dodge the attack, I called forth the hellfire rage from deep within me, and slammed him aside. Now fully intent on the battle, I felt my curiosity drain as the powers of the dark seethed in my mind. Time after time, the beast lunged, trying to rend me with his powerful claws. Because I dared not drink the blood of one infected as he, I had to ward off the blows and keep him from closing.

After a few such encounters, the beast fell to all fours and raised his muzzle to the moon. He howled at it insanely, and it answered him, some of the wounds I had given him seemed to melt from his body. My apprehension increased at this, as did my respect for the werewolves. It had been a long time since I faced any challenge here, in the sick heart of the city. My prey was easily caught, and none of the other Kin would hunt in my territory.

As before, I called forth my rage at the creature, and drew a weapon I carried for such occasions. A cane, made of shadows and dark mists. To confuse the wolf, I cast a pearl at its feet, and a globe of darkness engulfed it which only my heightened senses could penetrate. Without mercy, I struck again and again at the wolf. Despite it's speed, it could not match my attacks and soon fell, it's blood trailing slowly into a street gutter. As I watched in amazement, the beast slowly faded away, leaving the ragged man I had seen when I first entered the alley. He died muttering the words to the song which the radio had just finished playing...

...Hot Blood, Guilt... ...Shifting Peace... ...View so Cruel...

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