As I emerged from the darkened wood, I found myself stepping out into a quiet forest glen. The only illumination to aid my eye, was that of the stars in the night sky. As I advanced further out into the glen, I took notice of the rectangular black object that lay on the ground. Stepping closer, I realized that what I had seen was a freshly dug hole in the ground. At the head of the hole was a small white cross that glowed in the starlight.

I could just barely make out the inscription which read 'Here lies our beloved. Adored by all of the village.' This is when I realized what I had stumbled upon. A freshly dug grave! My curiosity got the best of me, and I crept forward to peer over the lip of the hole - into the darkness below. As I inched closer, I recognized something rather strange about this new grave.

The dirt had not been piled in one or two piles, but rather had seemed to have been scattered from the center of the hole out. It was very odd indeed. Finally I reached the side of the grave, and I realized then, that the grave had not been used yet. Maybe the funeral was tomorrow. As these thoughts entered my mind, I heard a soft sound behind me. I quickly spun around to behold a Woman with red glowing eyes, and hands covered with dirt. Her eyes beckoned me to Her, and as She took me into Her embrace, and I felt Her teeth sink deeply into my throat, I closed my eyes, and knew that I had become the victim of a Vampire.

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