It wasn't until the sun sunk in the mid-summer sky that I finally arose. The hunger consumed Me, teasing Me with its subtle demands, forcing Me out into the night...in search of prey. Tonight, the scent of a working man taunts Me, hands calloused and muscles tight. Part of Me wants the fight, while another longs for the simple coupling of mortals, the tenderness I'll never again feel.

There, ahead, turning down that alley, is the perfect specimen. I can sense his eagerness for excitement, his desire for it. Before he can turn the next corner I'm waiting for him. I feel his heart beating faster as he gazes upon my form. I long to kiss him, to feel the heat of his body, but instead his fear causes my rage to flare. I reach out to touch his flesh, using my destructive powers to destroy him, but he escapes. I thrash him from behind, with reflexes faster than normal. The fear that he will call attention enrages Me more. I must silence him once and for all.

I summon the creatures of the night to aid my plight. Standing before him again. . .one solitary red tear in my eye as I quickly lean forward and sink my teeth into his delicate and unprotected neck. The heat of his blood flowing down my throat gives rise to supreme ecstasy. For I am the ultimate giver of pleasure, the taker of souls. I hunt the night. . .and I am coming for you.

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