There I stood reveling in the power emanating from the Shrine of Lyssa, the Duchess of all Vampires. As I glanced to my right I saw the pale face of the vampire who was to initiate me into this awesome power. His deep voice had a hypnotic effect on me, and I shuddered as I thought about what would happen if he really tried to charm me, surely nothing could withstand such force.

He spoke, "Do you wish to be a vampire, creature of the night?"

My voice quivered as I slowly answered "Yes!"

Slowly he approached me, his sharp pearly white fangs glistening in the dusky light from the altar. Gently he sank those teeth into my exposed neck. After the first pang of pain as the skin was broken, a feeling of great ecstasy rushed through my bodying, vibrating in every fiber of my being. As my mortal life drained from me, I began to tremble scared and enthralled at the same time.

Yet that hypnotic voice came through again, "Be not afraid little one, soon the power of the immortal vampire shall be yours. Then he stood before the altar, and bit deeply into his own wrist. "Come," he whispered, "drink and become one with your brethren."

I put my lips on his wrist and drank down the bitter coppery fluid as if it was the nectar of the gods. With every drop I felt the power flow into me. I was finally one. I was finally a vampire.

That all happened so long ago, I am now the master of the night and all should fear the rage of the Vampire.

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