The moon was full, the night was still, and my heart was racing. Breathing heavily, I crept down the dimly lit central corridor. I'm not sure what, but something seemed askew. I uneasily made my way to the master bedroom. Slowly, I opened the door, prepared for anything. I struck a match for partial illumination. As I glanced around the room, I noticed the image of a large body laying in the bed. It must be the Mistress. I made my way toward the bed cautiously in the poor light.

As I reached down to wake her, the body started to shine a glowing aura. It arose slowly and turned towards me. It was a tall humanoid, wearing a long black cape. Its hair was flaring in fire, and Its eyes were beet red. I was horrified at Its face. In Its mouth lay a tangled mesh of flesh and bone impaled on razor sharp fangs. It lunged at me with Its hands, raking the skin off my chest with Its long fingernails.

The Creature seemed to have left a residue of Its blood on my chest, which burned like fire. I withdrew my revolver and aimed for Its heart, but as I fired, It disappeared in a flash, then reappeared on my left flank. I tried to respond but was too slow. . .I felt my neck being pierced as It sunk Its fangs into me. It tore the flesh of my neck into shreds viciously, and I screamed in mortal agony. As I took my dying breath, I finally realized that I had been attacked by a legendary Vampire.

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