*sigh* I am bored.

Eternal life's dazzling appeal has long since fled my weary eyes. I walk the road with such speed and grace that those I pass are left with nothing but the scent of the huge wolf with burning red eyes that I have become.

On my way, a bandit steps, with speed surprising for a mortal, into my path. I barely sense his dagger glance off my skin when, instinctively with reflexes of absolute fury, I send the power I have accrued over the ages pummeling into his very soul. Shrieking in agony, the thief's soul is shred to bits. The body ripped apart from the strength of my spell drops to my feet. In disdain, I turn north from the body. The weak, such as he, are better left for the vultures.

As I move north, my destination becomes clear. The deep pain and anguish that caught my attention while I studied in the guild of the Necromancer is focused here in this desolate keep. I move slowly through the destroyed remains of the castle's entrance and a wave of understanding washes over me.

The inner courtyard is littered with varying degrees of carnage. The slaughter that occurred here was horrific. The blood stains, though old, are copious enough to ignite in me a burning thirst that reaches the core of my very being. The keep was evidently raided by a band of thieves so violent and savage that not a soul appears to have escaped their malevolence.

Just then, a breeze from the west attracts my attention. I lift my wolf's nose to the air and point it west. . .yes I thought so. . .living, pulsing blood. So it seems someone has survived after all. I grin demonically and stalk west.

As I enter what used to be the eating hall of this great keep, a voice booms, "Leave now vandal, else taste the cold of my steel!"

Obviously the lord of this keep, the knight that stands in the center of this room makes quite the impressive figure. He is very brawny, almost 7 feet tall, yet I wonder how he could have survived the massacre. Then I notice the crucifix around his neck, it glows with a magical hue, and I immediately sensed the amulet's protective nature. The sword the knight wields also gives cause for a second glance. It seems to pulse with a heartbeat of its very own. The tempo of the beat could only mean rage or mortal terror.

Interesting, I thought to myself. I decide to play with this knight who speaks so arrogantly to me. I circle the knight while ingesting a mandrake root and quietly chanting a spell. The wolf's eyes flash and glimmer and for a brief moment the air around the knight turns into a blood red aura. The aura tells me that this knight may be the opponent I have been seeking.

"A rather rude way to greet your guests sir Knight, especially considering the disrepair in which you keep your home." The dire wolf's teeth flash as I grin evilly at the knight.

"Do not go down to the dungeon, there is death there." the knight stammers.

Poor fool, he has obviously been affected by what has befallen his keep. Ah well, I think to myself, soon there will be death here as well. With a clear and focused thought I launch a dart of magic that burns straight toward the knight's heart. For an instant he is blinded by the blazing trail of light. Yet, instead of the scream of pain I expect, the knight yells, "Violator! I will make you bleed this day!!"

The knight swings his sword like hellfury at me. As the blade cuts deep into my flesh, I realize what an awesome foe whoever wields this mighty sword would make. Gasping with pain and astonishment, I place my hands over my necromantic amulet while chanting softly. I feel relieved as life force pours out of the amulet into my bleeding body.

Flashing the knight a look of hatred, I bitterly snarl "Your sword bites deep sir Knight, but my fangs shall pierce deeper still!"

I growl and launch myself towards the knight's throat. Grasping his head violently, I slam my fangs into his armour piercing it with ease. As I bury my teeth deep into the knight's neck, I throw my head viciously from side to side, causing blood to erupt from the wound in crimson waves. Drinking deeply, I feel the lacerations from the wicked blade begin to close and heal.

My attack, however, does not seem to phase my adversary. With lightning speed, he brings his sword upwards to spear my abdomen. Without a thought I bite again, needing more blood to heal the wounds of this fearsome blade. In something that may even resemble fear, I realize that I will not stand against such a foe for long in an out and out battle.

With the speed of lightning, my devious mind works to plot this knight's fall. Suddenly I drop the illusion of the dire wolf and show myself to the knight. I stand revealed, the vampire, a creature of eternal life and fantastic beauty that few mortals can withstand. An enchanting smile forms on my lips and my dark eyes beseech the knight to halt his attack, for enemies we should not be.

Bewildered, the knight stays his blade. "I. . .I'm sorry. . .", he whispers.

In my mind I prepare a devious and destructive trance as I charm the knight. In an instant the charm is broken. Channelling all of my power into physical strength I grasp the knight with deadly intensity. As my hands squeeze the life from the knight, I hear his bones snap like dried twigs. As his blood flies, yet again, I unleash an unholy howl of ecstasy. The knight strikes in response, but I become a dire wolf again, leaving the knight incapable of attacking the enchanting creature in front of him. With a cry of anguish, understanding passes over the knight's face.

"Yes." I say, reading his thoughts, "I'm afraid all you can do is sit and die."

Cackling with merciless glee, I grasp the knight with fury again and immediately charm him into submission. The knight begins to sob. . .

A short while later I walk the roads again, this time wielding a powerful new weapon which I am anxious to try.


But worthy opponents are so few and far between. . .

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