Chronicles of the Beast

The Ascension

Long ago when I was born and first laid eyes upon our surrogate mother the Moon, I knew from then on that I was blessed to be a Were. I was a young pup, full of dreams, and did some stupid things, but that is our learning process.

We knew that the Elders were there to protect us if we did anything really foolish, for they where what we all aspired to be. I soon saw that our pack was strong, and not only in just raw power, but also the unity we had between us.

As I entered adolescence and began to hunt on my own, I understood more clearly the Great Spirit and how we where truly blessed to have it has our deity. However, some mistook this privilege for a right and didn't worship the Spirit or thank it for what it had brought our form.

Some among our Elders were like this, which created a tiny nick in our unity. For this tiny crack in our unity, we would be haunted with the vast chasm it grew into later on. None of us knew what this rift in our unity would do to us, but the Great Spirit saw the non-believers taking for granted the power it had bestowed upon us. It had to make a decision that was the hardest decision for it to make. If it let these non-believers stay in our ranks, it would cause a ripple and gradually cause the Weres grow apart. So it had to get rid of them and make them pay.

The Demise

As we woke up one starlit night we felt that something was missing, something that was irreplaceable. As our pack gradually stirred and arose from out deep slumber, I decided to keep this knowledge to myself, not wanting to disturb the other Beasts or to be cast out as a heretic. However, as of then I knew our primal essence, which we held dear, was gone.

As I noticed this, some of the other ancients also sensed the wrongness within the fabric of our powers. They also tried to bear the weight of this burden of knowledge on their broad shoulders. Thinking back on this moment, it occurs to me that maybe we should have rallied together from the very start and attempted to recall our Great Spirit from our sacred cairn below. Instead we all tried to take this load of knowledge and bear it alone.

Because of this, many of our ancients and young cubs alike wandered off that night to find salvation, perhaps, or maybe just to find peace and contemplate the reason for this occurrence. Some of us remained and tried to solve this problem ourselves, which caused great disturbance and disruption in our ranks. Those of us of old, who had seen the passing of time and had spent eons trying to understand the wisdom of the Spirit, finally broke down our barriers of solitude and started sharing knowledge throughout our pack again, to better understand what had transpired on that starlit night so long ago.

As we started working together again and became more united as a pack, we sensed our powers returning once more, growing deep inside of us and telling us to become one with the beast. On their return, we knew that this was a test of our belief in our god. A test to see if we were of one pack, and, if confronted with a loss, if we would separate and desert or unite and try to solve the puzzling riddle.

The New Birth

Many more moons passed after our Spirit left us. We went on with everyday life, knowing and waiting for its return. The Creator told us that the Spirit would return when the pack was solid again. For those of us who were left these were known as "The Dark Days." We tried every night to pray to the Spirit, but we got no response.

But one day, when we all arose to make that gruesome trip to try to find something to hunt, we noticed that the moon just was a little bit brighter and everybody had just a tiny bit more spring in their step.

By then there were very, very few Ancients of our kind left, and I had also became one of these Ancients that the newborn cubs respect. I had noticed that through the death that followed our form, there arose a new beginning, an ascension. Over the past couple of cycles since we felt the return of the Spirit, our numbers have gained quite a bit, and our pack is whole again.

Many of the Ancients to this day ponder and puzzle at the reason the Spirit left us so long ago. Some have come to the conclusion that the hierarchy of the Beasts was corrupt, with a power-hungry Beast, and the Spirit knew that this Were could only lead to our demise. Because of this, the Spirit had to do the hardest thing it ever did -- it had to strip us of our powers to get this Beast to leave. But others still do not know why and puzzle to this day.

I believe that this was a test of faith, to rid us those that lacked faith in our Spirit. As a result of this trial, many of our Elders left, but we have since become more of a pack than we ever were. For those of us that are left are the true Weres. For the ones that have persevered through all of this, they can now open their eyes upon this new beginning and see new cubs being born again daily. It is a marvelous thing.

For we are the Were.
For we have withstood the tests of time.

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